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HEALTH release free ‘Vampire Survivors’-style game with sex toys and death magic

HEALTH have released a free Vampire Survivors-esque game titled Rat Wars Survivors. The game, available on, bears more than a passing resemblance to the popular...

Epic, Google CEOs meet, can’t agree to settlement; antitrust suit going to jury

CARY – Epic Games’ antitrust suit against Google over its ban of Epic’s Fortnite is moving close to completion. Both companies are scheduled to present their...

Cyberpunk 2077’s Controversial Win: VGA’s Best Ongoing Game Sparks Debate

Cyberpunk 2077 winning a “Best Ongoing Game” award feels incredibly off. The Video Game Awards (VGA) 2023 recently stirred up controversy by naming Cyberpunk 2077 the winner of the Best

Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR Meta Quest 2 Review – A Timeless Experience – The Koalition

You can claim 5 free PS5 avatars on the PlayStation Store right now. The new PS Plus Season of Play promo event is finally starting and...

Baldur’s Gate 3: Igniting a Revolution in RPG Innovation and Creativity

Baldur's Gate 3 devs hope its success pushes other RPGs to get weird: "People can go to a publisher and say, 'Well, look what it f***ing did for them'". The

Eviternity II is a massive 36-map megawad for DOOM II

Not enough DOOM in your life? How about trying out the massive release of Eviternity II, a full 36-map megawad sequel to Eviternity. More: "Eviternity II...

Level up Your Game play: the Thrill of Bonuses in Online Games

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Our favorite indies of 2023: 10 unforgettable games you need to try

You could have spent the entirety of 2023 keeping up with new games and you still wouldn’t have played a fraction of the excellent games released...

The RPS Advent Calendar 2023, December 11th

This door to the RPS Advent Calendar is chrome-plated with a bright neon trim around the edges. It was all lovely and pristine looking until yesterday,...

Alone in the Dark: The Final Preview

The original Alone in the Dark was revolutionary, for the time. Skeptical as I am about attempts to play on classic stories and high-profile names, I...

Hideo Kojima’s OD trailer hides an obscure (and bizarre) Silent Hill reference

Very little is still known about Hideo Kojima’s upcoming OD horror game, but it’s been discovered that its recent trailer from The Game Awards contains an...

GTA 6 Trailer May Reveal Second International Location

Is GTA 6 set in more than just Vice City?

Macho Spinner Spins Its Way to Steam Today

It’s time to spin and win! Developer NEOLAVI and publisher indiegamesjapan have officially released Macho Spinner on PC via Steam today. It is available on the...

Florida Joker Demands $2M from Rockstar Games: Public Skeptical of Likeness Claim

Florida Joker Demands $2 Million From Rockstar Games For Using His Likeness In GTA VI. Lawrence Sullivan, popularly known as the Florida Joker, has stirred up controversy by demanding a

(Transformers: Real Autobots team. #shorts

The upcoming Transformers 8 is expected to revive beloved Autobots Jazz, Ratchet, and Iron Hiy from the original 1980s lineup. Their absence, particularly after their brutal ends in previous films,

DNF Duel Reveals The Battle Mage’s Moves and New Meister’s Laboratory Stage

If you want to see more about the Battle Mage, the new DLC character coming soon to DNF Duel, you have come to the right place....

Florida Joker Demands Millions from Rockstar Games for Alleged Likeness in GTA 6 Trailer

• Lawrence Sullivan, also known as the 'Florida Joker', believes that his likeness was used for a character in the Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer and is demanding $1-2 million

Switch file sizes – Palia and more

Palia – 10.3GB. Yuletide Legends: Who Framed Santa Claus – 780MB. Bulldozer Tycoon: Construction Simulator –...

Grand Theft Auto VI Release Date, Gameplay, Story, Trailers

Grand Theft Auto VI is real, and it’s coming. The long-awaited sequel to Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto franchise is coming soon. Here’s everything we know about...

How to access Grate Guy’s Casino in Super Mario RPG

If you’ve been looking up Super Mario RPG guides here and there lately, then you’ve probably heard of Grate Guy’s Casino. It’s a secret location that...

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